Payment Success

Great, thunderbirds are go, we will get cracking with setting up your Smarter CRM account.

In Australia we have high verification and regulatory procedures to protect the integrity of CRM systems against SPAM abuse. Painful but necessary and only a once off setup. No extra fees, we will handle and deal with this.

We will setup a dedicated business mobile, so that your new CRM -

- can have SMS capability
- can connect your social channels to this mobile
- can do call tracking and recording in your new CRM

This mobile WILL be connected to your mobile, it just keeps your mobile private, and allows the CRM to function as it should.

We'll also do domain email verification for maximum email deliverabilty. Emails going to SPAM is a major problem today, this will minimise that problem.

We'll look after the techy side, you're in good hands.

We'll send you some messages shortly, look out for those.

Any questions at all, please phone 08 9439 2820.

Best Regards,

Peter B Butler and the Smarter CRM Team.


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