The Smarter CRM Onboarding Process

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To get started simply fill in this form, you'll then be directed to setup your account payment. As soon as Stripe has processed your initial payment, your new Smarter CRM account will be instantly created... boom...

Exciting times, Smarter CRM helps you deliver a faster, personalised customer service where you can predict clients’ preferences, wants and needs.

Easier Work Days Start Here!

Any questions please phone 0481 614 997

CRM Access Logins

Once you register, the login credentials are sent to you immediately.

Expect 2 emails from (please check your junk folder, and mark Not Junk so future emails go to your inbox)

Login and have a look around.

What happens next depends on whether you're DIY or taken advantage of one of our special onboarding packages.

DIY'ers: go check out these menu items - Start Help Guide in the top right that gives tool tips for any sections you're in. The Start Help Guide in the left side menu is more detailed. The 'Launchpad' in the left side menu top is a good place to start. The 'Fast Start Checklist' in the left side menu bottom is also particularly useful.

Onboarding Package: Jump in and have a look around, but sit tight while we do and add extra's to your account.

Project Workspace Setup

This is the project communication portal we use to gather the required infomation we need from you.

All messages and email notifications are in this portal. We have 'threaded' messages so we can track the status of the CRM setup progress.

You will get an invitation using the email we have on file, you get to set your own password. When you first login tick the checkbox 'stay logged in' and that's it.

When you receive an email notification, you can click on that which opens the message in the portal so you can respond, simples...

Phone Call Next Steps

Welcome aboard and next steps call.

This call is to help fast track your account setup.

We setup a dedicated business mobile, so that your new CRM -

  • can have SMS capability
  • can connect your social channels to this mobile
  • can do call tracking and recording in your new CRM

This mobile WILL be connected to your mobile, it just keeps your mobile private, and allows the CRM to function as it should.

First we need to validate your business or personal details with the mobile number service provider. We also need to tweak some settings with your emails and website.

If we host your website, kick back, if we don't we'll guide you and you web peoples.

Core CRM Channel Setup

We use 'Twilio' for the Dedicated Mobile Service and 'SendGrid' for email deliverability.

The two most trusted platforms on the planet for SMS, calls, and email deliverability for both transactional email as well as email broadcasts.

We may need some documentation from you, depending on your country, and we may need to touch base with your web people's. We will guide you every step of the way.

We submit the applications and do the integrations, so your mobile # is clean and email is compliant with global best practices.

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Go to it, all the help you need is in The 'Start Help Guide' Tool Tips (top right) and detailed 'Start Help Guide' (side menu) as well as the Fast Start Checklist.

This may also be helpful -

If you need help with implementation check out what is available here -


Paid Onboarding CRM Clients

Onboarding: Stage 1

  • Personalisation Call Walkthrough
  • Assets Setup Message
  • Asset Branding
  • Launchpad Setup
  • Other Team Member CRM Users
  • Company Setup
  • Fast Start Checklist
  • Web Forms to Convert
    - Contact Form Conversion
    - Other Form Conversions?
  • Branded Email Templates
  • Opportunities/Sales Pipeline
  • Automations - Workflows
  • Calendar/Schedule/Booking Setup

Onboarding: Stage 1 Follow Ups

From the initial onboarding meeting there may be follow ups for the Smarter CRM team or your team, let's get to it!

Onboarding: Stage 2

  • Web Chat Customisation/Integration
  • Reputation Management Portal
    - Activate Reputation Management
  • Preview & Edit Nurture Sequences
    - Activate Nurture Sequences
  • Inbound Nurture Workflows Setup (Simple)
  • Contacts
    - Contact Management Import & Setup
  • Testing Regime
    - Test Lead Magnets/Funnels

Onboarding: Stage 2 Follow Ups

From the follow up onboarding meeting there may be follow ups for the Smarter CRM team or your team, let's get to it!

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