Schedule with Peter

Compare your schedule to mine to check a time that suits. To set that meeting just use this, easier and quicker for all. Pick a time slot length or meeting type below and follow the prompts. Gotta love technology right...

2 meeting types to walk you through:

Detailed Project Scoping Session, where you walk away with a detailed proposal based on your exact needs to achieve your business goals, with 100% clarity of the projects deliverables and how they will reposition your business.

One CRM streamlines sales, marketing strategies, automates tasks like email follow-ups, scheduling, and social media. Transform your business with a walkthrough showing clear benefits. Start simplifying workdays now.

Short Sharp Meetings:

For short meetings so we can get up to speed, either for a quick update if we're already doing business or with a view to doing business together and this is a preliminary chat.

Set aside a duration of 30 minutes for our meeting to ensure that we have sufficient time to thoroughly explore and delve into the details of the topic currently under consideration.

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