7 Discovery Questions

D1: Have you built before?
You want to find out if they are experienced or new to the process.

D2: And you’re keen to build a new home rather than move into an existing home?
You want to find out the emotional driver behind their decision to build. Keep asking and digging deeper until you find ‘the real why’ as this will be used later in the sales process to close the deal.

D3: Is there anything that concerns you about the building process?
What are their fears when it comes to building a new home? What keeps them up at night?

D4: What’s most important to you about the build process?
What is most important to them, Quality, Speed or Budget? Avoid presenting Quality, Speed or Budget as a choice, however, it’s something you need to establish in the discovery process in order to determine if this consumer fits the profile of your ideal client.

D5: Who else have you approached regarding this project?
Find out who your competitors are. If the prospect has built before and they are also talking to their previous builder, you are probably being used as a price check.

D6: What are you looking for in a builder?
Find out what is important to them in a building company. I.e. Get them to tell YOU how you can win this job!

D7: How much are you looking to invest in this project, less than [$xxx], [$xxx-$xxx] or over [$xxx]?
Rather than asking ‘What’s your budget?’ present them with your best guess as the middle option, your disqualifier as the lower option and your back-up as the higher option.

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