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During our 15 years building and delivering high-performing websites for serious business owners, we started hearing a lot about their next big hurdle: finding the right CRM for all the leads coming through their websites.

They had tried various CRMs to no avail. Some expensive, some too complex, some offering support that just didn't deliver.

Our clients were frustrated as they couldn’t find a CRM that offered everything they needed, including an easier way to communicate with new prospects, and provide a more personalised customer service to existing clients and get new referrals.

They asked for our recommendations, at the time we had been using Infusionsoft (Keap) for several years which suited us because we have a certified Infusionsoft specialist on the team. However, the higher monthly price point didn’t work for some businesses. Nor did the cost of the high-level implementation and the complexity of editing and updating campaigns.

So we asked our friends who were claiming they had found the best CRMs. We even decided to test the supposedly “best CRMs”, thinking maybe the problem is with the user, not the CRM.

You know what? Our clients were right! None of the CRMs were fit for purpose.

With some CRMs, the support was problematic or very expensive (like with HubSpot and Infusionsoft, now Keap). As everything we do, we broke down the actual needs of our clients, and went about finding a fit-for-purpose solution that would suit all our clients. We didn’t want to keep them in limbo much longer.

From this investigation and exploration, we developed Smarter CRM.

It comes with an app for your phone.

It lets you have unlimited contacts.

It lets you have unlimited users — add your whole team if you want.

But the game changer is 'Conversations'.

That’s the stream for all incoming leads via the app or desktop portal.

One place for leads and inquiries… whether it’s Google My Business chat, the new web chat on your website, a direct phone call to your business listing, or maybe it’s a lead from your Facebook page, maybe even your Instagram, you name it. All these incoming communications are handled in one place... through Conversations.

Same with contact forms and other web forms, SMS enquiries to your dedicated business mobile, everything goes to Conversations.

From there, you can reply to SMS, reply to emails, reply to Facebook, Instagram, send templated replies, templated email responses, add people to automated campaigns, create an opportunity to convert them into paying customers, create a booking, all from one place… Conversations.

Stand back and watch your CRM explode with activity. It’s a great return on investment.

What else? Create nurture sequences, set proposal follow up automations, triggers, email broadcasts, book your appointments with confirmations email, SMS and meeting reminder emails – all can be automated. Plus, you have reputation management with full detailed reporting, all in one CRM… the best CRM for business, your Smarter CRM.


Smarter CRM is all inclusive, handles leads more effectively than any other CRMs you’ve ever used, does the prospects nurturing the best, with far better client conversions.

And you get to build the business of your dreams...

If you want a smarter business, get Smarter CRM.

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