CRM Comparison

What does it tell you when you're confident enough in your own product to do a direct CRM comparison chart to the big 4 CRMs in the market? We thought so too!

Smarter CRM Social Keap
Smarter CRM Grow Keap
Active Campaign Plus Hubspot Starter Smarter CRM Master Keap Max Active Campaign
Hubspot Marketing Pro
Price (monthly*) $99 $47 $154 $233 $175 $151 $275 $344 $262 $1279
Smarter CRM Social Keap
Smarter CRM Grow Keap
Active Campaign Plus Hubspot Starter Smarter CRM Master Keap
Active Campaign Pro Hubspot Marketing Pro
Price (monthly*) $99 $47 $154 $233 $175 $151 $275 $344 $262 $1279
Contacts Unlimited 500 Unlimited 1,500 2,500 1,000 Unlimited 2,500 2,500 2,000
Users Unlimited 1 Unlimited 2 25 3 Unlimited 3 5 3
Dedicated Business Mobile
Smart Lists
Opportunities Basic
Pipelines (Sales)
Web Forms
Web Chat
Mobile App
Custom Fields Unlimited 100 Unlimited 100 1,000 Unlimited 150 1000
Conversations (Portal)
GMB Messaging
GMB Calls
Facebook Messenger
Instagram Messenger
Website Chat
Conversation Response Options
Instagram DM
Facebook Messenger
Conversation Actions
Call Recording
Add to campaign workflow
Create Opportunity
Book Appointment
Apply relevant tags
Use fields in responses
Insert attachments in responses
Use emojis in responses
Select email template to send
Select SMS template to send
Request payment (requires Stripe Integration)
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
2-Way Text Messaging
Trigger Links (Lead/Customer Action Analytics)
Email Templates
- add trigger link
- use standard fields
- use custom fields
Email Builder (Drag/Drop Designer)
SMS Templates
- add trigger links
- use standard fields
- use custom fields
Landing Pages (Funnels)
Social Planner
Reputation Management (Google Review Requests)
Appointments (CRM Calendar Only)
Calendar Integration (Google or Microsoft)
Workflows (Campaigns) Limited Limited
Unique mobile number for SMS messaging
Unique mobile number for calls
Email domain authentication (for mail sending)
Calendar Integration (Google or Microsoft)
Invoicing (Stripe/Paypal Business Integration) US only US only
One Time Payments US only
Recurring Payments US only
Membership Platforms
Membership Platforms
Reporting Dashboard
Google Ads Reporting
Facebook Ads Reporting
Call Reporting
Appointment Reporting
Source Reporting
Conversion Reporting
Extra Contacts
(per 1,000)
FREE $36 FREE $36 $34 $75 FREE $36 $42 $75
Extra Users (per user) FREE NA FREE $40 NA $36 FREE $40 NA $75

The packages include a healthy monthly email send quota, and feature for feature, we win hands down.

To keep our packages with lean competitive pricing we have the Dedicated Mobile Number, and SMS and call rates on a PAYG (pay as you go) rate, your account card will be charged on a PAYG monthly basis, see the low usage examples below.

When we register the Dedicated Mobile Number, it will charge your account US$6.00 PLUS a nominal credit balance of US$10.00 - about AU$22.00.

You can manage this within your CRM under 'Company Billing'.

Email Marketing: 20,000 emails per month included

PAYG (Pay As You Go)*

Dedicated Business Mobile:
US$6.00 monthly fee

SMS Marketing/2 Way Messaging:
PAYG (pay as you go) SMS Credits: US$0.06 cents per segment
US$5.00 = 83 SMS

PAYG (Pay As You Go)*

Making Calls:
To Mobile US$0.079 / min
US$5.00 = 63 minutes

To Local US$0.025 / min
US$5.00 = 200 minutes

PAYG (Pay As You Go)*

Receiving Calls:
From Mobile US$0.01
US$5.00 = 500 minutes

From Local US$0.01
US$5.00 = 500 minutes

PAYG (Pay As You Go)*

Premium Workflow Triggers & Actions:
PAYG (pay as you go) Action Credits:
US$0.02 cents per action
US$5.00 = 250 actions

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