Implementation Packages

As passionate systems and process people, we’re all about getting things done right away for our clients so their Smarter CRM can be up and running in no time, so their businesses can immediately start seeing a return on their investment.

And since we know that many prefer for the experts to set things up the right way for them from the get-go, we offer to do the full set up for you (optional). This way, you won’t get bogged down trying to figure out how to set up the software, import your data, organise your communications, and all the add-ons you choose.

Let’s get your Smarter CRM up and running without any faffing around!

Have a browse below and let us know which options you prefer to start with.

Smarter CRM is a gamechanger that lets you be more efficient with your budget by customising it based on your needs rather than force you to jump straight onto a big package and possibly only use 20% of it.

See the Add-ons below to pick the ones that suit your budget and marketing goals. You can always add more later.

NEW! Time Blocks

If you and your team have some skill sets to setup certains aspects of your CRM, Time Blocks might be a good option for you, you do what you can, we jump in with help, training, setup, integrations, whatever you need. Make sense?

10 Hours: $1320 inc GST
5 Hours: $770 inc GST
2 Hours: $330 inc GST
1 Hour: $198 inc GST

Contact Form


  • Convert standard website contact form to your CRM contact form
    (so contacts are automatically added to your CRM)
  • Create success page & success email
    (better user experience)
  • Create Customer Experience Workflow
    (includes verified SMS Email Delivery Check)
  • Notification setup of form submission

Branded Email


  • Setup Branded System Email Template
  • Create Branded Email Broadcast Newsletter Style Email Template
  • Create Branded Email Broadcast Single Action Email Template
  • Create Branded SMS Template
    (Includes standard unsubscribe setup, unsubscribe notification)

Contact Management
Import & Setup

$275 (+ list cleaner fee)

  • Review Contact List
  • Run through list cleaner (validate emails)
  • Check and review tag protocol
  • Import contact list/s
  • Setup smart lists

Contact Management - preorganise contacts before import, review tagging, status of contacts in current CRM, setup tagging protocols, import contacts. Creation of 'Smart Lists' as required. **Lists available in .csv dependant, exportable. **List cleaner fees apply per 1,000 contacts

Web Chat


  • Web Chat customisation to suit the business
  • Custom Branding
  • Set intro message
  • Avatar Image
  • Return visitor message
  • Website Integration
  • Response acknowledgement settings

Reputation Management Portal


  • Customise Review Widget
  • Customise Review Request Schedule
  • Review Requests Email Template Setup
  • Review Requests SMS Template Setup
  • Link Google My Business
  • Website Reviews Page - Integrate Reviews
    (auto-posts reviews to web page)

Inbound Nurture
Workflows Setup

$550** (Simple Level)

  • Inbound Chat Widget Nurture
  • Facebook Messenger Nurture
  • Instagram DM Nurture
  • Google My Business Nurture

** Does not include advanced features such as web forms setup, meet schedule page setup, etc BUT is fully functioning social media responses

Lead Generation
Offer #1

$2200** ($1100 x 2 payments)

  • Creation of Lead Magnet Concept
    (knowledge value add content by owner)
    ** Includes Copywriting
    ** Engaging, Personable, Best Practice CTA
  • Integration on Website
  • Lead Magnet Graphics
  • Lead Magnet Delivery System
  • Opportunity Added
  • Lead Nurture Sequence Workflow
    ** Includes Copywriting
  • Setup of follow up Workflow including email and SMS

Lead Generation
Offer #2


  •  Consultation of Lead Magnet Concept
    (Pre-Existing Magnet, Consultation, Will Review)
    ** Does NOT include Copywriting
    ** Review - Engaging, Personable, Best Practice CTA
  • Integration on Website
  • Lead Magnet Graphics
  • Lead Magnet Delivery System
  • Opportunity Added
  • Lead Nurture Sequence Workflow
  • Setup of follow up Workflow including email and sms

Schedule/Booking Automation

$1100** (Subsequent user $550 each)

  • Calendar Integration with Google or Outlook
    - Meeting Types (or length - up to 3)
  • Schedule/Bookings Page Setup on Website
  • Confirmation Booking Email/SMS
  • Booking Workflow Setup
  • Reminder Sequence (Options)
    - Email/SMS Reminder 5 minutes before
    - Email/SMS Reminder 1 hour before
    - Email/SMS Reminder Day Of
    - Email/SMS Reminder 24 hours before
    - Email/SMS Reminder 48 hours before
  • Rebooking Capability Setup
  • Cancellation Rebooking Workflow
  • No-Show Rebooking Workflow

Automated Workflow Options

$1650 **

  • Get To Know You (Soft Positioning Workflow)
  • Proposal Nurture Workflow
  • Qualifying Pre-Consultation Workflow
  • Strategic Partnership Nurture Workflow
  • Customer Onboarding Workflow
  • Project Completion/Offboarding Workflow
  • New Membership Site Member Workflow
  • Webinar Workflow
  • Consulting Workflow
  • Membership Website Development
  • Inbound marketing automation responses (Facebook, Insta, Google, Web Chat, Contact Forms) - Sophisticated

** Does not include Copywriting

Custom Unsubscribe Page/Workflow


For Multiple Channel Businesses

  • Set DND (do not disturb) for custom service/products lists
  • Set web page so users can choose subscription options

and Pipelines

$275 to $2200 per pipeline

  • Simple: $275 (manual pipeline, training provided, no automation)
  • Simple Plus: $550 (up to 3 pipelines)
  • Sophisticated: $2200

Create a unique pipeline for each type of service you provide.

Uses a simple 'Kanban' visual of each 'Opportunity' so you will never miss a follow up again.

You can also setup automation behind each opportunity so when it is moved along a 'stage' it then triggers a 'workflow'.

Inbound Nurture
Workflows Setup

$550 to $2200** (Complex Level)

  • Inbound marketing automation responses
    (Facebook, Insta, Google, Web Chat, Contact Forms)

Landing Page Marketing


  •  Initial Consultation
  • Funnel Concept Review
  • Page Design
  • Optin Funnel
  • Workflow Implementation

Facebook Ad Marketing


  • $1100 Monthly Management (minimum 3 months)
  • Create a Facebook audience
  • Retarget with different posts that build trust and include soft sell offers
  • Full Facebook Optimisation Package
  • Like campaign to build social proof
  • One ad to build awareness of the business (this builds a warm audience)
  • One retargeting ad to an offer (retarget the warm audience)
  • Facebook advertising compliance – including pixel installation and cookie consent notice
  • Audience Research to target the right people

Master Packages

The Master packages are designed for when you’re ready to scale up and make a much bigger impact on your marketing results. This is next-level customer management and automation where you’re ongoingly communicating with your customers and engaging them to motivate them to return for more.

No lock in contracts, although we ask for a reasonable 3 month run to get the best results, from there simply a polite 30 day cancel notice. Can't get fairer than that 🙂 You can also start at a higher level and drop to a lower level with just 30 days notice, or even pre-plan that when you join. EG: Start at $3300 to hit the ground running and then go $2200 or $1100 monthly after that. We just want to see you succeed.

Master 1

Monthly Program

  • 1 Grow Option Implementation Monthly
  • 1 Automated Workflow Implementation Monthly
  • 1 Nurture Sequence Refinement Monthly
  • 1 Support Call Monthly

Master 2

Monthly Program

  • 2 Grow Option Implementation Monthly
  • 2 Automated Workflow Implementation Monthly
  • 2 Nurture Sequence Refinement Monthly
  • 2 Support Calls Monthly

Master 3

Monthly Program

  • 4 Grow Option Implementation Monthly
  • 4 Automated Workflow Implementation Monthly
  • 4 Nurture Sequence Refinement Monthly
  • 4 Support Calls Monthly
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