Keep In Touch Conversions (ACRIS)


What is available for export out of KIT:

  • Contact fields
  • Deal fields
  • Notes export including system notes

What you cannot export out of KIT:

  • Documents
  • Email history (automated email subject lines and date sent are in the notes export)

What can be imported into Smarter CRM:

  • Contact fields after some custom fields are created
  • Deals data can be imported to contacts after the email address of each deal is added into a separate column (by the client)

What can’t be imported into Smarter CRM:

  • Notes cannot be imported. (We can however clean up the exported spreadsheet and sort it to make it super easy to search for any old notes you want to reference)

KIT Conversions: Depending on complexity there ‘may’ be levy of up to $1100, simply because ‘assets’ are added over time and converting can be much more arduous and time consuming, to the point where project timelines can double. We avoid this levy at all cost and give you the option IF required. EG: One client had 243 custom message templates they had created over time.

Please remember, these ‘Considerations’ would apply to any KIT to new CRM conversion.

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