7 Qualifying Questions

Q1: What prompted you to reach out to us?
Establish a link, if possible, between the marketing activities and lead generation.

Q2: Where are you looking to build?
Establish the location of the build and check it is within your catchment area.

Q3: Have you settled on your land?
If they have land then find out the address/lot number along with details of the site. Flat or sloping, is there an existing dwelling?

Q4: What type of home are you looking to build?
You need to establish if the type of home they are looking to build fits your niche.

Q5: Do you have designs drawn up?
Establish how far down the buyer’s journey they are.

Q6: Who will be involved in the design process?
Establish the names of the stakeholders and involve them in the process to avoid being blindsided later in the design phase.

Q7: When are you looking to move in?
Establish a timeline by working backwards from their desired handover date.

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